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Dear Class of 2020 is a virtual commencement celebration bringing together inspirational leaders and artists to celebrate graduates, their families, and their communities.
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Doa 2 жыл бұрын
Falling for bts wasn't falling at all , it was like walking into a house and suddenly knowing you're home .
Priyanka Thapa
Priyanka Thapa Ай бұрын
Susmita Khatun
Susmita Khatun 2 ай бұрын
Are they lipsyncing in this vdo? It's so awesome 😎
Laura 2 ай бұрын
Damn 💜🥺 that pulled on all of my heart strings.
Rhea Obinque
Rhea Obinque 2 ай бұрын
I couldn't have said this better myself 💜💜💜
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂ 3 ай бұрын
I'm home
BTS BEING BTS 3 ай бұрын
*'Yet To Come' Official MV Will Be Released 6.10.22*
RUN 𝘽𝙏𝙎 𝘼𝙍𝙈𝙔 ⟬⟭💜 2 ай бұрын
It was an absolute masterpiece as always 💜💜
S Berry
S Berry 2 ай бұрын
@Мрія💜 🙂
S Berry
S Berry 2 ай бұрын
I'm waiting
Bethany Daluz
Bethany Daluz 3 ай бұрын
I love how cute their Spring Day performance was. V & Jimin: Naughty maknaes activated Suga: Unbothered king RM & Jin: Smiling at VMin's craziness Hobi & JK: feeling the song
Paronyaa Roy
Paronyaa Roy 6 күн бұрын
How can you miss taejin and jikook at the end ???😃
shan r
shan r 17 күн бұрын
@Cèlia Cristina they ignore taejin as usual
Cèlia Cristina
Cèlia Cristina 2 ай бұрын
Loucura de loucura de Vmin??Caraca aqui foi Taejin..E olha que nem shipo.
𖧵 Fatima ⟭⟬
𖧵 Fatima ⟭⟬ 4 ай бұрын
This performance of Spring Day hits different- • Hobi's beautiful vocals • Jimin adorably laughing in between • Tae adoring Jin • Jin's beautiful shy smile. • A brief Taejin moment. • Vocal line smiling hugely all along • A brief Jikook moment. This is personally my favorite performance!
janeth gudito
janeth gudito 2 ай бұрын
same here taejin is adorable
Sherly Arokya
Sherly Arokya 3 ай бұрын
@Geri Libercci They do!! Taehyung plays the Saxophone and Piano. Jin plays the guitar, ukulele and piano. Suga plays the piano. Jimin plays the guitar and piano. Jungkook can play the guitar, saxophone and drums. J-hope plays the flute. RM is the only member I'm not sure what he plays!!
Geri Libercci
Geri Libercci 3 ай бұрын
I am in my mid-70's, but extremely youthful. I cannot get enough of these adorable, smart, talented young men. They seem to do it all, besides singing and dancing. Do any of them play a musical instrument?? It seems like that may be the only thing they don,t do. Knowing them, if they picked up an instrument, they,d have it down pat in a couple of days !! They are an absolute joy to listen to and watch. I don,t think anyone has come near what they can do since the Beatles (and a was in my late teens back in the 1960,s). To this day, I remember when they first came to the U.S.
BelizaStyles 4 ай бұрын
I love how jimin's personality always stands out he's just so adorable and full of love
Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti 3 ай бұрын
I love how jimin's persnality always stands out he's just so adorable and full of love 💋💋💋😍😍😍😘😘😘😚😚
S Berry
S Berry Жыл бұрын
We Love You BTS...
마리앙 2 ай бұрын
Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti 3 ай бұрын
Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti 3 ай бұрын
@Dein linker Fuß😘😘😘
Choki Kama
Choki Kama 3 ай бұрын
You are not alone berry we army also love bts❤❤
Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti 3 ай бұрын
@Fatema~ 😎😎😻😻👏👏
Karishma M
Karishma M Ай бұрын
2 years have been passed like a dust.. But I remember enjoying this performance on 2020 ..(I think it's live streaming) Always BTS and ARMY forever.
이효건 Ай бұрын
Ashley 4 ай бұрын
00:00 Boy With love 03:52 Spring Day 08:26 Mikrokosmos Enjoy 💜
Judy by
Judy by Ай бұрын
Bushra Sattar
Bushra Sattar 4 ай бұрын
5:40 m in love with hobi's vocals n look.. Just beyond superb n cute n heavenly..😍😍😍
Azu Ocampo
Azu Ocampo 4 ай бұрын
He is the best ❤️
Pangan Family
Pangan Family 4 ай бұрын
Im almost 55, and feels like im on my teens when i watch them .. they are so talented and knows their craft. I don’t know why I just discovered them , but no regrets being a late bloomer. Proud to be Auntie Army 💜💜💜
Tyla Vidal
Tyla Vidal 17 күн бұрын
@Pangan Family I agree at 50+ I listen and dance to BTS every day. Been proud ARMY since Dec 2020. BORAHAE y'all
kerfuffle Ай бұрын
@Mary Matulaitis oh wow another one. The power of denial is strong. All 7 of them must go into the military soon, starting with Jin and Yoongi. If it was just a break why was the dinner so emotional for some? Why no timeline? If they’re so exhausted why are they working on solo projects? If it’s for rest, why don’t they just rest? This is a “break” from each other. I strongly suspect that there were creative differences among them. Yoongi and RM never wanted to do pop, for example. They are rappers. The Bangtan Boys concept changed considerably from what they thought it would be. They are probably so relieved now to do what they’ve wanted all along. I honestly wonder if all 7 will ever appear together again as BTS.
Mary Matulaitis
Mary Matulaitis Ай бұрын
@kerfuffle They will be back together again. They're just taking a break to work on solo skills.
kerfuffle Ай бұрын
I’m 60 and just found them too…so sad we no longer will be seeing them together but at least we have mv’s.
AJ EA 2 жыл бұрын
I don't why but when they started to sing "Spring Day", I suddenly become teary. I miss you, BTS.
insert epic username
insert epic username Ай бұрын
Jimin's first part always get me
이효건 Ай бұрын
I miss too bts
cyn Жыл бұрын
ye me too! ur not alone
Atul Davis
Atul Davis Жыл бұрын
Really 🙁😢literally i m in tears
Rania Gara Ali
Rania Gara Ali Жыл бұрын
same here TT
Kendall Olivo
Kendall Olivo 3 ай бұрын
It so funny that at 11:39 you can see that jungkook is obviously swaying in the wrong direction with his arms and then at 11:42 you can see he changes and then just starts laughing. I love them and this song always bring me to tears. Just beautiful
Garima 4 ай бұрын
11:23 I just love how they're together to sing their part
Garima Human
Garima Human 3 ай бұрын
Mahima Megha
Mahima Megha 4 ай бұрын
one of the many reasons I love mikrokosmos. Such a spectacular vmin moment.
blink 3 ай бұрын
Jungkook and jin's voice 🥺i don't know how many times i listened their parts and voices blend with each other very well 💜 and ofcourse jk's vocals in all BTS songs make their songs alive 💜
Priyanka Thapa
Priyanka Thapa Ай бұрын
Jin and JK's voice blend so well together that in some songs, it becomes hard to distinguish whose voice is which. A duet from the two would be magical.
박소라 Жыл бұрын
Their vocal is not a joke. Legends.
Putri Ayu
Putri Ayu Ай бұрын
Epi Phany
Epi Phany 2 ай бұрын
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂ 3 ай бұрын
Ayu Wardiasih
Ayu Wardiasih Жыл бұрын
Well said
Charlie B
Charlie B 12 күн бұрын
Es 2022 y me han sacado una sonrisa enorme... en estos 12 minutos solo estuvimos Bangtan y yo en el universo :D
samaika tanveer
samaika tanveer 4 ай бұрын
Just The Way These Boys Can make you smile while Tears in your eyes Is Unexplainable 💜 Life is Hard But they show How to live in the moments to enjoy the true beauty of life ✨
Minu Gurung
Minu Gurung 3 ай бұрын
How jk is feeling the song is soo amazing n their voice is soo amazing specially jk n jin 💜💜💜💜
Jeoarin Ай бұрын
Their vocalist is not a joke Only Legend understand this..
Wings _Smeraldo
Wings _Smeraldo 2 жыл бұрын
Jin's voice when singing spring day is really too sweet.
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂ 3 ай бұрын
Yeah! Im blush
Judy by
Judy by 4 ай бұрын
True 😍
brooke fernander
brooke fernander Жыл бұрын
taehyung would agree!
Raj xander Fylverio
Raj xander Fylverio Жыл бұрын
Rm saraheta
Raj xander Fylverio
Raj xander Fylverio Жыл бұрын
Jin i💖you
Shruti Gupta
Shruti Gupta 2 ай бұрын
JK's voice and adlibs are the best in the world😭😭 so beautiful, heavenly and soulful. His voice is sweeter than honey. This boy is born to sing. I mean it when is say i get goosebumps and butterflies on hearing his voice. And when he smiles it melts my heart. And his clean and sharp dance movements and visuals too . Everything of his is soo perfect 😭💜💜💜
Mechil Glendro
Mechil Glendro Ай бұрын
omoooo jin and v interactions made my day, my heart is full
kerfuffle Ай бұрын
I love Jin’s voice so much. Sweet, shy Jin. ❤️💜
bety martinez
bety martinez 9 күн бұрын
Excelente hermoso 👌 nunca la dejaré de escuchar
Smitha Ramani
Smitha Ramani 2 жыл бұрын
Why is no one talking about J-Hope vocals in spring day
purple dew💜
purple dew💜 7 күн бұрын
Because he made us speechless with his performance 🔥😉
Aida S.
Aida S. 8 күн бұрын
Was surprised to hear his voice in this manner. In fact his portion is my favorite in Spring day.
Ajinkya Jadhao
Ajinkya Jadhao 16 күн бұрын
Cos now he don't need any validation
hjjjjjj 21 күн бұрын
@# madeha ᵎ 000000000
hjjjjjj 21 күн бұрын
@آوۣتۣۗآر آلَقۣۗلَوۣبۣۗ h9, p
⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭
⟭⟬ JK KIM ⟬⟭ 5 ай бұрын
B - Best T - Talented S - South Korea's Pride BTS is the definition of perfection
Arika 2 ай бұрын
Mikrokosmos and spring day always so beautiful💜
Vanessa Gutierrez
Vanessa Gutierrez 4 ай бұрын
Mis hermosos chicos RM JIN SUGA J-HOPE JIMIN V JUNGKOOK son artistas increibles multitalentosos son siete bellos jovenes q han luchado tanto hasta llegar al lugar donde estan ahora sus inicios fueron tan sencillos humildes pero dia a dia van formando un presente lleno d todos los frutos d su esfuerzo junto al amor y el apoyo incondicional d todo su amado ejercito ARMY yo tengo la fe y la seguridad d q su futuro sera sensacional pues uds poseen todo lo necesario para llegar a donde se lo propongan yo soy muy feliz d ser ARMY los amo admiro respeto y valoro gracias x xq dia a dia sus preciosas canciones m motivan y m llenan d tanto amor para ser mejor Psicologa ARMY mujer amiga hija hermana Bangtan Sonyeondan ocupan un lugar muy importante en mi vida y en mi corazon L-ARMY ECUADOR♡
lord freddy fazbear 1987
lord freddy fazbear 1987 4 ай бұрын
Que linda ARMY
HikariHyune 3 күн бұрын
this brings a smile to myself everytime. i love them so muchh
staying 2 жыл бұрын
Let's be honest now. Most of us cried when Spring Day started.
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂
꧁Galaxy wolf꧂ 3 ай бұрын
Spring day? That a season!
QB C 3 ай бұрын
can't stop thinking abt the videos of the kids/students inside of MV Sewol waiting for further announcement from the ferry's officials specially when one of them said how he loves his parents and the other one says that if he will survive, he will not let her sister join the same kind of trip. Been watching the MV's for multiple times and the effect is still the same.. until now.. 😢😭😿
Margaret 3 ай бұрын
Magaly De Jesús
Magaly De Jesús 6 ай бұрын
@Adi setiawan bvvhh🟪💗
Magaly De Jesús
Magaly De Jesús 6 ай бұрын
@Jimin Park Gggg🔵🔵🟦🟦🟦🟩💞💞💞💓💓💓💓💓
To you who found me!!
To you who found me!! 3 ай бұрын
1 year later: this song is still vibrant 5 years later: this song is still vibrant 10 years later: this song is still vigourous 100 years later: this song proves that it will never age
Aliza Amir
Aliza Amir 3 ай бұрын
JK - our bunny V - our tiger Jimin - our mochi Rm - our leader J-Hope - our sunshine Suga - our smile Jin - our world wide handsome They together make our life
ChimChim~jiminiee 2 ай бұрын
The fact that their voices didn't even change a bit everytime they sing their old songs
Ella Mulia Sari
Ella Mulia Sari 4 ай бұрын
I really love this mikrokosmos version, they're so chill and having fun together. BTS borahae
Emily G
Emily G 2 жыл бұрын
Jin looks like an angel and sings like an angel too. He must be an angel.
•𝐁𝐥𝐮𝐞☻︎• Жыл бұрын
Well duh
Shaory Bernuy armas
Shaory Bernuy armas Жыл бұрын
Hola buenas
Shaory Bernuy armas
Shaory Bernuy armas Жыл бұрын
Hola buenas
Vandana Kaucha
Vandana Kaucha Жыл бұрын
Our moon Kim seokjin 💜💜💜🤗
JINHUB Жыл бұрын
Jin is literally an example of perfection! His voice is just so angelic😭 and his visuals are no joke! World wide handsome indeed💜💜
pari S
pari S Ай бұрын
This was performed during COVID...... I could see their happiness since no concert was being held during those 2 years and even for just a short duration this performance made them happy too💜💜
cenho Ай бұрын
Tomorrow pls do check more by jhope ,it's his first solo album!!
Garima 4 ай бұрын
The way Hobi's dress code in Dances is always different 💟
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams 5 күн бұрын
shreya 5 ай бұрын
lets all admit that we called had "tears of joy" in our eyes. now they will be performing in the Grammy's in april.. congratulations bangtan.
Joon 2 жыл бұрын
Damn ppl graduating this year are lucky , even tho they missed out quite some things they are rewarded with a historical graduation ! With BTS COMMENTARY &PERFORMANCE!!!!
danica chei
danica chei 2 жыл бұрын
I qas sad for not able to have graduation But nevermind i have them anyways
Peachikiin 2 жыл бұрын
Fr we're blessed and thankful ; v; I never got to go to a dance but this tops that 1000 times
Sreya Lakshmi Ponnada
Sreya Lakshmi Ponnada 2 жыл бұрын
true 😆
Kattley 2 жыл бұрын
I mean we aren’t lucky but this makes up a little for the things we are missing out on 🥺
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 2 жыл бұрын
Thank you😌💫
Aaradhya 2 ай бұрын
i dont think i can ever love someone ever the way i love them!
cenho Ай бұрын
Tomorrow pls do check more by jhope ,it's his first solo album!!
Ritika Rao
Ritika Rao 16 күн бұрын
Loved every second of this video. It just made me smile from inside 😭
والدة هولي
والدة هولي 3 ай бұрын
그들의 목소리는 전설적이고 그들의 노래는 많은 열정을 줍니다
Sadn Obaid
Sadn Obaid 4 күн бұрын
When I feel down I always watch BTS songs or something with BTS and I always get happy 😊 again thanks BTS for your lovelines and HAPPINES. ARMY LOVES YOU AS ALWAYS AND 4EVE BTS ARMY FOREVER 💜💜💜
Rashmi choudhury
Rashmi choudhury 2 жыл бұрын
The calmness in their faces during SPRING DAY is more than enough to make my day
ahmad fawaid
ahmad fawaid 2 жыл бұрын
@Azra Haydin bbbnb. Cc
Azra Haydin
Azra Haydin 2 жыл бұрын
And then theres jimin, not being able to stop his laugh haha
Leonilda Leh
Leonilda Leh 2 жыл бұрын
Sheila 2 ай бұрын
I love watching performances like these. They always look and sound great but they are having so much fun at the same time. 💜
agustd ツ
agustd ツ 27 күн бұрын
Vocal de Jungkook - Belo Vocal de Jimin - suave e incrível Vocal de Jin - perfeito, voz sem falha Vocal de taehyung - grave e bonito Rap de Namjoon - ótimo, grave e feroz Rap de J-Hope - Fofo, feroz, suave e belo Rap de Yoongi - Grave, feroz, expressão de sentimentos.
Jerico Manalo
Jerico Manalo 2 ай бұрын
Jin visual is 💜
Cait Cab
Cait Cab 4 ай бұрын
BTS, the best! 💜
cleo 2 жыл бұрын
Spring day omg it hits so different,it reminds me of the old days of BTS,all the hardships they've gone through the years,😭😭
꧁ ღ An_Awkward_Crybaby ღ ꧂
꧁ ღ An_Awkward_Crybaby ღ ꧂ 2 ай бұрын
I got promoted to high school today :D I’m glad to be done with middle school, but I’m scared of what’s going to happen in high school 🧍🏻‍♀️
purpleanul Ай бұрын
I came to know about SPRING DAY through this performance, it was such beautiful song for me.
Анна Судобина
Анна Судобина 4 ай бұрын
Хорошие зайчики, талантливые, трудяги.Счастья им в личной жизни!!!
itstoohotarmy 3 ай бұрын
Hobi, the angel you are today. 💜
P_ HellNote
P_ HellNote 2 жыл бұрын
0:04 - Boy With Luv 3:52 - Spring Day 8:27 - Mikrokosmos # Spring day is coming back!❤️
Nalini Srinivasan
Nalini Srinivasan 2 жыл бұрын
The queen always comes back with each come back or any other performance 💜!!!
sumzitaa ♡︎
sumzitaa ♡︎ 2 жыл бұрын
Kamal Shrestha
Kamal Shrestha 2 жыл бұрын
Now the queen is trending..😂
Motyeka BTS-Army
Motyeka BTS-Army 2 жыл бұрын
Saying 😁☕💕
Chennareddy Kavitha
Chennareddy Kavitha Ай бұрын
These members have the golden voices, best dancers and best idols forever love you BTS🥰😍😍😍💜💜💜💜
Amelieth Arevalo
Amelieth Arevalo 2 ай бұрын
La sonrisa de Jin me mata, es tan preciosa
Power Prank
Power Prank 2 күн бұрын
they really amaze me every time
めんちゃん 5 ай бұрын
“Spring day” is beautiful and fascinating. Especially, JungKook looks like singing, really thinking about somebody he wants to see.
Shruti Gupta
Shruti Gupta 2 ай бұрын
@blink yes
blink 3 ай бұрын
His voice is really heaven 💜
To you who found me!!
To you who found me!! 6 ай бұрын
“We write our own lyrics, so our songs reflect 100% of our character.” - Min Yun-gi.
Cristina Ramirez
Cristina Ramirez 2 ай бұрын
TEAMO BTS💝💖💗💗💞💞💯@Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti 3 ай бұрын
"We write ouwn lyrics, so our songs reflect 100: of our chararacter." - Min Yun-gi 😻😻
Juliette De Maso
Juliette De Maso 4 ай бұрын
Then the “west” comes in and gives them boardroom suits and McDonald’s jingles. 🤦‍♀️ No shade at Ed Sheeran, he had to breach the US wall-of-🤬 too, but PTD is not .. its just not. I’m hoping its not an indicator of BTS future. They were already perfect, with the best fandom ever; leaving entrenched industry in the dust, everyone watching with smiling mouths gaping. 💜
cheesy chisel
cheesy chisel 4 ай бұрын
Akakikunda Olivia
Akakikunda Olivia 4 ай бұрын
Inspiring surely
Tanya Kinkey
Tanya Kinkey 4 ай бұрын
The performance, so exciting, and funny, with beautiful BTS voices. I really like that sense of coziness and integrity. 😍💜
Laís Barbosa
Laís Barbosa Ай бұрын
Amo essas apresentações leves, com brincadeiras e lindas!
Lynn H
Lynn H Ай бұрын
Spring Day is always THE song but seeing them in Mikrokosmos singing and laughing together just put a smile on my face
Akshita Thakur
Akshita Thakur 2 ай бұрын
I love love love this performance, i am going to watch it in between steaming today
cenho Ай бұрын
i m doing the same Btw , Tomorrow pls do check out more by jhope ,it's his first solo album!!
To you who found me!!
To you who found me!! 6 ай бұрын
The fact Being able to live in the same era as BTS can only be a miracle,
35 Nitika Pedditi 7B
35 Nitika Pedditi 7B 7 күн бұрын
Joanna S
Joanna S Ай бұрын
This! I am sad sometimes because I haven't met them or even seen them live but then I remind myself that I get to be alive and I can listen and watch them whenever I want 💜
yoongistanx 2 ай бұрын
Honestly I’m glad cuz before I started stanning them I was more into rock bands from the 60s-80s and obviously most of them broke up or their members are dead and that hurt 😭
Sriwargi Astuti
Sriwargi Astuti 3 ай бұрын
The fact Being able to live in the same era as BTS can only a miracle,
Sam Michael
Sam Michael 5 ай бұрын
@Jimin’s Eyebrows we all think of bts when we are sad so we can laugh or gust to lison to some thing. We all love💜
Dienefer Cristina
Dienefer Cristina Ай бұрын
BTS lindoss fantásticos perfeitos BTS 7homens incríveis maravilhososs BTS Tem que ficar juntinhos BTS são eternos
Dee ST
Dee ST 15 күн бұрын
Oh my goodness, I love them so so so much. I have been an Army since May 2021 but every time I see a new or old video, I still feel a rush of happiness. They are just so great.
Ангелина Телунова
Ангелина Телунова 2 ай бұрын
Жила спокойно смотрела Дораму И вдруг пол года назад в интернете узнала ВТС И всё без них не могу прожить А мне 50есть муж есть сын такого же возраста как они . Песни и танцы их... Огонь!!! Всех одинаково Люблю как своих сыновей .
Arpita Naskar
Arpita Naskar 20 күн бұрын
Bts song touches my heart always
ARMY Forever
ARMY Forever 2 жыл бұрын
No one : Literally no one : BTS : Making my day thousands times better.
mayster 2 жыл бұрын
I agree!
Min S
Min S 2 жыл бұрын
Simi Mathwani
Simi Mathwani 2 жыл бұрын
Same here😭💜
Fallen Dragon44
Fallen Dragon44 2 жыл бұрын
Monique Alexandra
Monique Alexandra 2 жыл бұрын
same 😭😭
paçoquita fanha
paçoquita fanha 3 ай бұрын
Voltando aqui sempre e sempre! Eu amo essa performance 💜
To you who found me!!
To you who found me!! 3 ай бұрын
BTS = Miracle × Masterpiece × Endeavour.
Sushree Sanjeevani
Sushree Sanjeevani 2 ай бұрын
They always make me happy
Vedika Dahisariya
Vedika Dahisariya 5 ай бұрын
I can't even imagine my whole life without them.. They are reason of my smile and happiness... They are just best.. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
aurora 2 жыл бұрын
Me: enjoying BWL *it ends* Also me: NO. No way. Not spring day. Please. I don’t wanna cry
anjana srinath
anjana srinath 2 жыл бұрын
@Sushma Nayak thankyou 💜 I needed it 😂
Sushma Nayak
Sushma Nayak 2 жыл бұрын
HoBi : *starts singing* Here's a box of tissues I saved one for u 😊💜
anjana srinath
anjana srinath 2 жыл бұрын
Ngl I cried for fifteen mins straight when spring day came on
jibootyboo 4 ай бұрын
Jungkooks harmonizations is always so beautiful
Samantha Ege
Samantha Ege 20 күн бұрын
i love these 7 boys so much TT
Namrta Singh
Namrta Singh 5 күн бұрын
These songs combination is so awesome 👏
Amo a estos chicos desde que los conocí cambiaron mi vida
BTS: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
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Revenge 😂
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Look up to the end 😳 #shorts
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funny videos of the world 33 #shorts #funny #memes
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